Privacy & Data Breach

Privacy and data breaches have become staples of contemporary life for the American consumer. With our entire lives online in the digital age, it is very important to take measures to keep personal information safe. Data breaches can affect many aspects of an individual’s personal information including: banking information, identity theft, medical and health records, criminal records and geographical information to name just a few. It is essential that corporations securely store personal information; information ending up in the wrong hands can be devastating to your personal finances and your sense of personal privacy.

Another issue that concerns privacy and data breaches is that of social media. Our society is littered with different uses, business and personal, for social media. Employers have begun looking to social media when hiring and evaluating their employees. Many regulatory bodies are now examining whether or not employers have the right to access this information.

If you have been victimized by a data breach, please contact Tostrud Law Group and we will investigate your claim.